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"When I need great teenagers to hire for jobs and internships, I go to Yolobe. They are always dedicated to connecting me with the best."

Jim Fuentes, State Farm

"With Yolobe, I am pushing myself way out of my comfort zone and doing things I would never expect to be doing in a million years."

Brittany Jones, 16

"I've always been interested in website design, marketing, entrepreneurship and consulting. Yolobe gave me the opportunity to explore all of them and then apply what I learned in real life. It felt great to give back."

Laith Ahmad, 17

"My business focuses on helping clients with self esteem and authentic self. I contacted Yolobe to help me market to the youth. They connected me with teens who gave me great actionable advice. My business is now thriving!"

Gina Slager, TruSelf Empowerment